Monday, January 5, 2009

Miss Penny Lane

I have been obsessed with movies lately. I don't know if it's the cold that is making me want to hibernate with a movie on (with snow starting to fall again!), or what. I've been drawing a lot of inspiration for the wedding from movies... some make sense and some are more random. I'm trying to get some really good shots, but I'm still collecting them so I'll make that my next post. Look forward to Mamma Mia, 27 Dresses among others.

Welcome to the new year! It is going to be a year of significant changes for me. Graduating from college and trying to find a job, applying for grad school, planning a wedding, moving out and moving in, finding time for creative endeavors and physical ones too. I've made a list of sorts; a list of goals- not resolutions- but goals. I haven't made resolutions in years, I consider those something that are made to be broken since they are never considered in exactly a positive light. For immediate goals in terms of wedding planning are finding a venue and setting a date. Also I want to sit down with F and prioritize where finances need to be spent.

Speaking of F, I need a little vent session. One of my biggest pet peeves since becoming engaged is having people 'remind' me to call F "fiance". F and I will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary this month (!!!) and for the majority of this relationship my main nickname for him has been "boyfriend" or I shorten it to "BF", and in turn he calls me "girlfriend". So as you can imagine, it gets a little tiring when I refer to something "my boyfriend did" and people laughingly say "not boyfriend" or "you mean, fiance?". Technically, I guess yes I do mean that, but I assume if you are a friend or family member, you are aware of this nickname I have for him. And when I say I don't really like the label "fiance" I get bizarre looks. That term is just not us. Irritation ensues.

In other news, I have found a new beautiful, if not dangerous, website. Beautiful because of the amazing vintage creations, dangerous because of the price tags. Trashy Diva creations.

Love the print on this one!

Beautiful top, with the puckering

I love this coloring on this one, and it is on sale!
I think I'm drooling.

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