Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mea culpa

I know I have been bad about updating this blog, but I have been so busy! Well, I have a few updates. First of all, I got to see my partner in crime, Mandie, IN PERSON, for lunch today!!! Very exciting, indeed.

Secondly, in my typical pattern, indecisiveness has set in. I am no longer committed to the dress that I found a few months ago. With such a long engagement, it's hard to settle on anything "for sure" these days! In any case, I am keeping my eyes peeled for something unique, casual, and fun. Oy, one thing is definite: I think I am shelving David's Bridal for awhile (indefinitely?). I think that most of the dresses are just so awful in those stores that you end up "falling in love" with the one that is the least garish of the bunch. I know I've been guilty of this on more than one occasion! DB's redeeming quality is their Dress Your Wedding function, in which you can make your entire wedding party resemble tan Barbie dolls. But seriously, it is kind of fun to play around with the options, as limited as they are. After spending some time dressing my wedding, I decided to abandon strict colors in favor of a much broader pallet, and refuse the WIC's conspiracy to sell uniforms for the wedding party.

One of my friends is getting married this April at The Chrysalis, in Bellingham. This venue is absolutely beautiful, and I am looking forward to seeing a real life wedding in there. She's DIYing a lot of things, and while I am slacking off on my own wedding planning, it is fun being involved with her extravaganza!

My wedding is floating out in 2010 somewhere, but I am really enjoying my engagement. I am half-way through my M. Ed. at the end of this month, and my other half is graduating with his in June. I am proud of both of us. If we can survive this, can we survive planning a wedding? Only time will tell!

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