Monday, January 26, 2009

Wanna be on top?

Hey now, no dirty thoughts... if you are as ridiculous as me, you know that I'm singing the theme for America's Next Top Model. One plus to being unemployed and without a car is that I am able to watch ANTM marathons from beginning to end.

Another is that I can sit around and droll over pictures of things. I'm assembling some inspiration boards of color palettes that I've been dying over recently.

But I'll leave with another project that I have done a couple of times and love! It's a knitting needle and crochet hook holder. If you have a sewing machine, it's super simple to make and the second one I made for my grandma only took me a couple of hours.

If anyone is interested in making one I can give you the pattern and my tips, or if you want one and don't have a sewing machine if you pay for the supplies, I can definitely whip one up. :D

All rolled up, unroll for the needles

The flap on top keeps them from falling out. And there are different sizes and heights for different needles and hooks.

Laid flat out

I love this :)

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