Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Blue skies shining on me

Sometimes I make myself think of that song when we are having the weather we're having... flood warnings on the horizon.

I have a new problem. Something I do that I know I shouldn't do, yet continue to do anyway. I fall in love with photographers. Like head-first, sigh-invoking, undying adoration. Poor F, still first in my life, but it's a close tie. Now, more than just the obvious problem with this (love with inanimate, online objects isn't enough?), the problem is that I fall in love with them before I check the price tags. F and I are doing things on a budget because we are probably financing most, if not all, of the wedding on our own. Actually, I'm thinking less than budget, we're doing things on the cheap. Unfortunately I have a certain level of class and elegance that I want on the cheap. So where does that leave us with photography? It is an expensive reminder of an important day and it is something I can't part with. Some brides go with the informal route by relying only on photos taken by friends and family, but I can't. I want that wide-skied, enlarged on canvas shot that makes F and I look amazing.

So what are my other options? Young photographer looking for new business is also an option, but due to our long engagement I can't start looking for them quite yet, but I want to get this nailed down.

Splurge more on photography than I planned is another option. But I want good photography for a good price, I just can't see myself spending $4000 on photography!

Oh, and the way I judge good photography? If they include a photo on their blog that is black and white, with something (usually roses) in color, I immediately close the web page.


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