Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dress Love

I tried on this dress about a month ago, and I have been in love with it since. It far exceeds my budget, but I am now a lace convert and will continue to look for a similar style as I hunt for the perfect (and affordable) dress.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Chuppah Contest

I am so very excited to make a beautiful chuppah. My goal is to rummage around flea markets and antique stores until I find a truly inspiring lace fabric to get married under. Just out of curiosity, I searched around the internet for some various ideas, and I found the best and the worst of chuppah design.



Well, some good times there. I think the main point is that the chuppah should be meaningful and representative of both the union happening under one roof, and also the literal dwelling that the husband and wife will live together in as they begin their family. Some couples use the groom's Bar Mitzvah tallis, but in our case, as an interfaith couple, that isn't an option. Continuing on the theme of honoring my Jewish heritage and my family members, I have also thought about using one of my late grandmother's large scarves.

I love this tradition because of its beauty and also because of the flexibility... couples can decide exactly what their chuppah will represent and build that first figurative "home" together.

- Anna

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wedding dress dilema

Anna, I want pictures of your new ring!

So, I've always envisioned myself in a beautiful, full, long white wedding dress. And then I went to try on dresses for the first time and realized I should wear ivory, and then tried on dresses for the second time and realized I don't want it to be too long. I definitely know what kind of dress I want, I've tried it on and all my friends aw-ed and I felt absolutely beautiful. It looked something like this:

In ivory with a sweetheart top and a chocolate brown ribbon. Now I just need to find it. The only problem is that lately I've been stuck on the idea of a cocktail length dress. I know I wouldn't want that in the end, but that doesn't mean I can't shop around for one.

I especially love them when I see them in real photos of weddings.

Very vintage. This one is from a store that makes dresses for people who want vintage looking gowns. That would look amazing with my ring...

I want to look like her!

Ok, not really. But I do think there is something so sweet about a cocktail length wedding gown. I'll keep posting pictures as I find them...


Sunday, August 10, 2008


Ever since I saw this dress in The Knot I have been a little in love with it. Not sure why--it just looks so... well... sweet. The simplicity is balanced out well by the flattering cut. One of these days I am going to hunt it down and try it on. I hope, hope, hope that I am not disappointed.


Saturday, August 9, 2008


I have curly dark hair, and I love the idea of having it romantically swept up in a classic way with some vintage ornaments. Keeping with the autumn chocolate/plum/cream theme, here's what I found after some digging on... once again, Etsy. Sigh.


Friday, August 8, 2008

Can we say humidty?

Having spent the last week on the east coast with the fam, I have been disengaged from the whole wedding scene. The minute I could get wireless, I immediately checked my gmail reader (best thing on the internet, which I only just discovered! yikes, I'm so behind on technology!) and I was shocked to see that I was almost 500 posts behind! Ok, so there are two explanations for this... 1) I subscribe to too many blogs (true), or 2) there is a huge market for up to the date wedding information (also true).

I got engaged about month ago today and I am already tired of answering questions from everyone that I have ever come into contact with. Some people take this as a lack of enthusiasm, and to them I have to say, of course not! I've been waiting a long time to plan the wedding to Fiance (I hate that term, it sounds so formal, so unlike us, and from here on out will be referring to him as F.) but I guess a lot of the time I feel completely overwhelmed by the stuff that is out there. Blogs make it easy, but as a young student bride, our budget cannot be stretched to contain some of the things that I see out there, nor would I want it too. When did it become a competition to spend the most money, or have the craziest idea? I want simple, classic, and fun. I want bright colors, and patterns. I want lace, and florals. I want music, and dancing. Basically, I want a huge party that is also beautiful... is that too much to ask? Haha, I guess having not spent more than a day or two in the same town as F since the engagement, we haven't had a chance to discuss all these details, and the budget-type details.

I guess, I should eventually pick a date, but I want to wait it out and see about venues before deciding for sure. Since we're the first of our friends to be planning their wedding, we're kind of flying by the seat or our pants. How are things supposed to be done? We don't know... we're just kind of hoping things will all just work out.

Vent over... let's check out some pictures!!! I've been looking through all my many, many, many blogs and saving dozens of pictures...

I seriously cannot get this idea out of my head!
F and I both have a serious sweet tooth and I feel like being able to have different types of cakes we can have options. Plus, those vintage cake platters, especially in the green, would fit perfectly with my dream reception!

I'm almost fairly positive that we're going to be doing a candy buffet as favors (due to the aforementioned sweet teeth). I think it would fit into the bright colors, fun theme I have going. Imagine- tons of green, pink, and chocolate candy. Yum, yum, yum.

One more delicious bit.
Ok, so I know I said I want to do a candy buffet... but I think the idea of offering cookies and milk (the perfect pairing!) is so freaking adorable! Although, Anna, i think this idea if more relevant to you and your Mr.

That's all from the East Coast, I'll be home in the Northwest in 5 days!

Monday, August 4, 2008


I have a raging love affair with Etsy.