Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back in the planning spirit

Today F, FMIL, FSIL (who is also engaged) and myself went to the Portland Bridal Expo. There were SOOO many vendors there. We had lots of fun, ate lots of cake and got tons and tons of handouts. It's like the fairs they set up at then beginning of the quarters at colleges for new students, you come away with tons of crap and hope that some of it is useful. But I also got a few new magazines and a huge resource guide for Portland weddings and vendors. I regret not taking a picture of all the stuff I got, but I organized it all right away so it wouldn't sit on my floor forever.

BUT I can tell that F feels like he knows a lot more and will be more comfortable making wedding descisions. And we (pretty much, more later) made a hugely important one today. This all goes back to when we were first engaged. I had decided that I wanted a wedding that was green, pink and brown (before it got hugely popular, I might add), so I kind of just assumed that we would do that. But one day I realized that I had decided without really giving F a say and I didn't want our marriage to start out that way. So I asked F what he liked, and the poor boy, since he hates making the wrong choice about things, was really overwhelmed (hence all the inspiration boards about colors I made a while back, I might still have some to post). Now, today F realized the beauty of green, brown and pink and said that he would like that for the wedding. The problem is that after making those inspiration boards my eyes were opened to other color palettes and now I'm the one whose not ready to make the decision. We've narrowed it down though, we know we want to use green so it will either be green and brown, and green, black, and white.

Phew!! long story short, this is a huge step forward for us though! And F seems much more comfortable with the whole wedding process, and actually excited about it!

I also got some great ideas from the expo, and am feeling much more inspired!

And so this post isn't all text, one of the boards I made for F.

This one was a close contender, F and I both loved how these colors looked together. I was actually surprised at how much I liked this combo, I've always kind of hated blue in weddings, but I think you can make it less 80's and more classic modern (oxymoron?).

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