Saturday, December 27, 2008


Apparently it has been over a month since there was a new post on this blog, but it doesn't feel like it! It has been a crazy crazy last month for me. I have just returned from my study abroad adventure, and was thrown straight into Christmas. I only had one hiccup in my travels back and that was in Chicago- my flight got canceled and I spent the night in the O'hare airport! But I was luckily able to get back home before the really bad weather hit there... The day after I got home the snow started; the snow, oh my goodness. We have had record breaking amounts of snowfall for December. It was fun and pretty at first, but mostly annoying and ridiculous now.

But now that that is all over with, it is time to return to the real world :sigh: "Recent college grad searches for job, plans wedding, and organizes life" That is my headline from now on. Plus I need to catch up on my American tv! Ha :)

Speaking of catching up, with the craziness that was the end of the term with traveling and writing more than I thought possible... I let my Google reader go. And now it is just out of control. It was over 1000 new entries after the first week, and now I've been putting off just sitting down and going through it... I've got to man up and do it! I think I'm going to find a way to organize it, is it possible to have more than one? My wedding blogs are a little overwhelming at this point.

I've also discovered a sick love affair that I never thought I would have. Actually, make that two.

The first:

Leg warmers.

F got me some for Christmas, they sort of look like the ones pictures above (which are from Monsoon/Accessorize ... which I sadly no longer have access too), they are that cream color with the cable knit pattern. But I love them! I wore them with my thick brown tights, jean skirt, and brown men's jumper from H&M. I was warm, even though it was freezing out. Very retro, but I love them anyway.

Second thing: Martha Stewart Weddings
I have never really been a huge Martha Stewart fan (and not just for her criminal record), but I've always thought she was a little out of touch for the everyday person. But now. Now. I realize her creative genius! Her wedding magazine is mouth-watering, and her website is beautiful! There are so many items of inspiration on that web page, it is hard to not get back into wedding planning with zest!

I'm still collecting wedding inspiration. But I have been trying to keep creative. I knit myself a pair of fingerless gloves that I absolutely love and will post a picture of later. And I used my sewing skills and made a knitting needle holder for my grandmother.

And I've been reading the Twilight series... And so has my mother...

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