Saturday, May 2, 2009

It has been a crazy week ending with F having hernia surgery yesterday. To help entertain him during his estimated three week (!) recovery period, I'm lending him my laptop (he only has a desktop). So I thought I should post a quick post before I do.

Mom and I are going to visit another venue this afternoon, McMenamins Edgefield. F is sad he can't go and requested that we bring the video camera and tape it. This is the first traditional (ie hotel with space for a ceremony and reception site) venue we will have visited. I'm excited, but I hope it stops raining soon!

In other news, if my wedding was in late April, early May I would change my entire wedding plans to include lilacs on every table and in every bouquet. They are so gorgeous, loose, and smell great!

Love them.


Rachel said...

Love Edgefield! Ryan and I spent the night there once, the beer and food were wonderful. :)

just around the riverbend said...

feel better F!!!!