Sunday, May 10, 2009

Whirlwind Venue Visits Part 1

My schedule the last two weeks has made me feel like I'm back in school, out early and back to the house very late. The good news is that my F is recovering from his surgery quite well, although he is still moving like the invalid he is. In the last week, I have been to three different venues and am scheduled to see another two next weekend. I'll recap the last three this week and tell you why I'm continuing to look for places.

Venue Visit Numero Uno (ok, so I speak no Spanish...): McMenamins Edgefield.

The Pros:
Edgefield is old Poor Farm turned hotel , but it's like a little city. It is a beautiful grand old building with multiple buildings including restaurants, pubs, bars, winery, golf course and putting green, spa, greenhouse and herb garden, and movie theatre.

The Main Lodge Building

One of the event spaces was in here, also the movie theatre and a library pub

Another view of the Lodge and Power Station

I love this old vintage water tower, can you imagine the pictures?!

The tiniest little pub, but so cute and with a lot of outside picnic tables for hanging out at

Another possible event space, you rent the house and then you get to use the garden and porch for the ceremony and receptions

Ok, now the cons. I only have one con. It's not money or availability, oh no... It's not the hotel or anything it offeres, uh uh... The only con of the whole place is the event space we have to use for our reception with the number of people we'll have. So disappointing.
Yeah, with all the old beautiful brick and ivy, this cement and mossy building is where the reception will be.

This picture doesn't make it look too bad, but oh it was...

The inside of the building. You can't tell, but it was so dark! The whole interior was dull and ugly... Yuck.

The ceremony site wasn't too bad, that double tree thing flowers in the summer and most people get married underneath that...

The entrance between the ceremony site and reception ridiculousness.

I love the idea of having the wedding here, can you imagine how much fun it would be to have all your out of town guests staying here or somewhere close. Visions of meeting up to play board games or pool, having a drink at the little pub, having a girls meet up at the spa... But that room, oh that room! I went with Mom last Saturday and then stopped by again with Dad and F yesterday, it's pretty much a consensus that that room is just ugly and worse in person than in pictures.

So the hunt continued. Tomorrow, the beautiful (and way out of our price range) second venue visit of last weekend.

Am I the only person who is visiting a ton of places because I just can't seem to find the place I'm looking for? Or is that perfect place just not out there?

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