Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dress: Check!

I bought my wedding dress!!!

So, I fell in love with this dress for many reasons including:

1. It is elegant and understated
2. It flatters my body type
3. When I wear it, I get really excited about the wedding
4. I can sit in it and dance in it

Things are moving along. Fiance's task in the next few weeks is to book the venue. I am dutifully reading books such as "The New Jewish Wedding" for help and inspiration. Our prospective wedding parties and guest list have been identified, with a little wiggle room for the latter.

I know wedding planning is supposed to be stressful, but having a slightly longer engagement has made the process this side project we can go back to when we have free time every now and then. I am sure it won't always be that way, but for now it gives us a little breathing room.

We know where we're moving next year, and I got a position that incorporates my passions. Fiance is still working on the job hunt, but the picture is slowly focusing in a little bit more sharply.


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