Sunday, May 17, 2009

Whirlwind Venue Visits Part 3

I just updated the layout, and I have to say... I love the simplicity of it! (Although I may just be saying this because I can't do the fancy html coding and updating like some other blogs...No matter). It was inspired by Anna's post a couple of weeks ago about the Great Gatsby.

I was gently (and by gently I mean loudly and obnoxiously) awakened at 6:30 by my brother who I am babysitting this weekend, so I thought "hey, why not go and post that last venue visit". Good idea self!

This is the venue I visited last weekend with my invalid father (hurt back) and invalid F (recovering from hernia surgery), it was sad to watch them hobble around, but I love that they both came none-the-less. The venue is called Lakeside Gardens. At first (as you will probably agree if you went to the website link I just included) I was put off by the website. I figured no place worth going to would have that website... But my mom called them for information and ending up setting up an appointment, so we went, couldn't hurt could it?

When we got there I realized I had left my camera at home, so all the photos I'm including are from the photo cd they included in their information. So ignore all the random people in the pictures because none of them are me... zing!

This facility is gorgeous, a 7 acre facility with bridges and lakes and gazebos all over the place.

This bridge was right outside the reception space and led to a little island

One of the gazebos

The lake was huge and beautiful

Ok, I find the swans a little cheesy and they are the facility's icon
One end of the aisle

For the ceremony you walk from that pretty tunnel-y thing to the gazebo at the other end

Ceremony gazebo

Reception space... I would have all the curtains open and those windows too

Dance floor... a tad small for my tastes

So there is Lakeside Garden recap. I sat down and did some number crunching and I will share that when we have decided on a place. I'm going to see if we can stop by another venue today...

Happy Sunday!

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