Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Organizing my Google Notebook

I was busy yesterday organizing one of my favorite Google tools- the notebook. And I saw all kinds of pictures I hadn't looked at for months and I thought I would share some of them

Today, bouquets!

Looking through all these pictures I realize that I'm drawn to tight bouquets and more loose centerpieces (but that's a different story).

And I love the idea of using not just flowers in the bouquets, but other fun textures too.

Okay, it doesn't have added texture, but I love it anyway. (SO many interesting bouquets in this group, check it out!)

I love the colors and feathers and vintage glam of this all

Have I mentioned that I love color and texture?

And that I love yellow and succulents?

More vintage glam?
Yes please.

Last but not least
I love this bouquet, but it's not flowers... it's made of clay! I love it anyway and would love to duplicate it with fresh ingredients.

Droolworthy, all of them.

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