Sunday, April 26, 2009

How do relationships and technology fit together?

Ok, so I blog and everyone reading this blogs as well so I'm not against technology at all, but I think it's really interesting to see the kind of culture we live in now where technology makes it so easy to share things that probably don't need to be displayed for the whole world to see.

I found this link somewhere (Weddingbee I think) STFU Marrieds and I don't necessarily like the point of the website degrading the gact that married people are affectionate towards each other, but some of the things on there are pretty ridiculous. And some things that don't need to be shared...

Just because you have the ability to share details of your relationship, is it really necessary? Some of the posting on there are kind of sweet and some are kind of ridiculous, but I kind of feel like if you are wanting your partner to be seeing these, wouldn't it be just as easy to write them a private note about how much you love them? Or is it about showing the world and all your friends just how in love you are? I guess I can't be quite a hypocrite, I have written on my F's wall just to tell him I love him, but not to the extent some of these people are.

Sorry for this little weird venty thing, I'm just pondering relationships with the invent of all this new technology...

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