Sunday, March 1, 2009


F and I sat down and talked about all things wedding today, it was so nice! I had been feeling really frustrated thinking that I would have to do this whole thing by myself, and that F didn't give a flying hoot about the wedding. Well, we sat down today (which he suggested) and discussed all things wedding! Many decisions were made, but the one I'll share today is... our color scheme!

I've been so inspired that I've been having a really hard time narrowing it down to just two or three colors, so I decided, why?

According to Home Depot's paint section, our main colors are Pucker Up (which I will probably refer to as apple green) and Revival Mahogany, with accents of Palace Rose, Celestial Sun, Autumn Glow and Candlelight Ivory. So basically, green and brown with accents of pink, yellow, orange and ivory. Why do I need to narrow the colors down? Who says that you should only have two or three?

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