Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ok, this is the last one I swear.

I promise this is the last long image filled post dragging on and on about movies, but as soon of you know, when you get engaged everything starts becoming fair game for inspiration (literally everything lol, eating out becomes ideas for reception food, every bouquet I see gets a second glance, just in case). Today... Mamma Mia! I love this movie and it's appropriately based around a wedding!

I love this simple, casual look

Who wouldn't want to get married in a place as pretty as Greece?
See? Beautiful! And I love the idea of having candles or lights lining the walkway

This is what I want my bachelorette party to look like, although maybe minus my mother though that could be fun too

One of my favorite parts of the movie is when they are preparing for the wedding is when they are setting the table and Meryl Streep says something like "God knows there is no plan" and they are just putting random plates in any random order and I love that idea! Everytime I go to a thrift store I consider just buying a ton of random dishware and just using it all random and mismatched.

Look how simple and beautiful it is!

I also really want to do this, it would be so easy to get some mason jars and wire them up. Although I would also love to have Pierce Brosnan hang them. Is that possible?

Look how beautiful when all lit up!

And I would never want this to happen at my reception, but at the same time I really really do! It looks like so much fun!

I also love how despite the fact that not everything went perfectly, everyone had an amazing time. This is something I'm going to make myself remember, if everything isn't perfect it's not the end of the world.

Amanda Seyfried is beautiful and I love this dress!

Ok, wedding stuff will be back in the next few days. Have a wonderful Saturday!

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Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Looks like a fantastic bachelorette party! (you're right, sans mom!!!)

I'm doing a post of bachelorette parties in a few days... we could use your advice!!