Friday, March 20, 2009

t- one year

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Last night Fiance and I consulted with one of our many elves that is going to make this wedding happen for us. She suggested moving the wedding to nighttime, since it most likely won't be sunny in March anyway. The boathouse has a big fireplace, which would look very romantic. The excellent rationale behind all of this is that it is much easier to decorate the room for night (smaller candles go a long way) than for day.

The other idea I am toying around with is a dessert buffet and cocktail reception instead of a traditional dinner. This means that the wedding would be at around 7:00 (after dinner) with photos taking place during the afternoon.

Hmmm, things to consider! My next project is playing around with paper for invitations, save the dates, etc. Scratch that. My next project is reserving the venue.


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