Sunday, March 15, 2009


Updates! Today is going to be a productive wedding day, I can feel it!

First, I'm going to buy those Target invitations I talked about last time (Cheap Wife, I responded to your comment but I totally found those Letter Impress because of your blog and your invites, so THANK YOU! I love the ones you used by the way, another reason to wish pink was a larger part of our color scheme...)! There was some major drama with them: they weren't available online. When I went to the Target store in our area that supposedly had them, they were completely out. The woman who helped me said they weren't available at all- anywhere. I was so bummed, I came home and tried ebay and amazon and no luck. Finally, I googled (love that this is a verb) them out of desperation and got a hit! Where you might ask? TARGET. They were available online again. So long story long, once I realized how bummed I was about not being to get them, I knew I had to have them. I showed them to my mom (F was with me for the Target thing, he so loves to help but he just doesn't get stationary haha) and she agreed that they are amazing and we talked about how to use them and then dress them up a little bit. So it's like semi DIY without half the hassle. I'm not going to discuss my plans now-especially since I don't need to send out invites for another year or so (so I'm ahead of the game?).

Second, we're going to purchase F's ring today! It will probably look something like this:
He really likes the look of the Tungsten Carbide and we had talked to the jewelers where I got my e-ring and they had quoted a price around $500. Ok... that seems like a lot for a plain band. So, I think it was a Bee on Weddingbee, though I'm not sure which, but I was then tipped off to the idea of purchasing a ring on amazon. Voila! There are so many choices, and the one pictured above is $29.99. Seriously. Next to Platinum rings, they are apparently one of the best choices. And Platinum rings, holy cow- so expensive! F likes how these look better, and if there is any issues with it (like he loses it) it only costs $29.99 to replace. I think he is excited about wearing it, because he keeps asking me if I've bought it yet...

Third, we are going to visit a venue today! F set up the appointment for noon today... even though it looks like this outside:
Ok, it's not that bad... but it is pretty gross. Oh, spring in the Northwest.

It is called Hidden Springs and it really is hidden! It's a wedding venue that is just a little over 4 miles from my house that I have never heard of before! I talked to the owner at this little community bridal show I went to, but I'd done so much online research and it never showed up. It's a big piece of manicured land that the owners live next to and maintain, so I'm excited to see the possibilties. I promise to take a camera, even though it's yucky outside.

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Cheap Wife said...

I hope you are able to get the target invitations you want. I am really happy with mine.

I have been working hard making belly bands and envelope liners. I will post updates soon.
Thanks for the mention on your blog! :-)