Monday, March 2, 2009

Taking a break from wedding posting

So lots of decisions have been... well, um... decided. I can't can't anything other than that because we haven't really acted on anything, other than the paint samples that I made F look through with me. Actually that was really funny because I cut out all the paint chips and we laid them out and each eliminated two until we got down to 4 green and 4 brown. F probably would have been happy just to let me choose, which is why I turned it into a game! (Preschool teacher much?) ANYWHO

I went and spent some quality time with my mom a weekend or two again and we went to see He's Just Not That Into You. I, being the romantic sap that I am, really liked it. I loved the stories (although being the English major that I am, I can understand some of the criticisms of the movie like there wasn't enough attention paid to each story).

Most of all, I loved the people in the movie. So many people who inspire my fashion (ok, don't blame them for my lack of fashion). But people I just love anyway, if you haven't had a chance to see this movie... make time to. It's a great movie to go see with girlfriends or mothers. Maybe even the man in your life, although one of the funniest things that happened was at the end during the credits, one of the guys in the theatre pretended to sob really loudly which made all the women laugh.

First off, Ginnifer Goodwin
I absolutely love her! I think she is as cute as a button, and she stars in one of my favorite shows... Big Love!

Second, Scarlett Johansson
So, she's not the world's best actress, but she is stinkin' cute, and everything she wears looks good on her. Plus, I'm so jealous that she can rock any hair color.

Third, Jennifer Aniston
Who doesn't love her, honestly? From Friends to now, she has always looked classy. She even rocks a salmon colored bridesmaid dress in the movie!

Fourth, Drew Barrymore
Her company produced the movie, but she is not in it a lot herself. But the scenes she's in are hilarious, and if I'm being honest, I have watched her True Hollywood Story and think she is pretty amazing to have survived the childhood she had, AND become a smashing success. Plus, she's beautiful!

Last, but not least, Jennifer Connelly
I don't know much about her, but she reminds me of a young Demi Moore. I think she has a classic beauty and she rocks business fashion in this movie.

Now for some eye candy.

Bradley Cooper.
So often he plays an ass, but I still love him! He's adorable and he's good in another one of my favorite shows... Alias!

Second up for eye candy, Ben Affleck!
My mom and I both love him, but say "he's so cute, you want him to succeed", but yet, he does so many crappy movies. Poor Ben. Just stand there and look cute.

Third up! Kevin Connolly
He's honestly just so cute. He's great at playing earnest characters who you always relate to and cheer for, like in another one of my favorite shows... Entourage!

Last but not least, Justin Long
He's not my idea of eye candy, but he's really funny and you gotta love a man for a sense of humor (I know that was the first thing I loved about F).

Check out the fashion!

Ok, so now that you all think I'm ridiculous AND addicted to television, I apologize! I needed a little break to get all the weddings things organized so I can present you with REAL stuff, yay!

I have some other movies that I'm going to blog about, but those are movies that are wedding inspiration, so they aren't quite as off topic.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Monday!


studygirl said...

Yes Bradley Cooper. Will and Sydders forever.
hahah! sorry, I know you hate that.

Mandie said...

Haha, I don't hate it... it makes me giggle actually. Alias is pretty much the only reason I love Bradley Cooper...