Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Wow! This makes me wish that pink was a bigger part of our color scheme...

These invites are FREE! You just download, enter your own text, print, and voila!


Speaking of invites, I found these on the target website last night and I'm considering going out to the only target store in the area that has them (they are sold out on the website, and only limited availability at one of the stores around here)

Green, dandelions, semi-letterpressed (the dandelions) on really nice paper.

Problem is I don't know how much they are... because they are out of stock it's not listed. And I've for so long thought I wanted to DIY the invites, but I guess I could buy them and do some added DIY to them? Buttons and belly bands... What do you guys think?


Cheap Wife said...

Wow! Thanks for the tip on the freebie. Very cool.

My invitations are DIY and I bought them at Target. I would highly recommend the "Letter Impress" brand. I posted pics on my blog of my invites.

Mandie said...

Actually, your blog was how I found the Target brand in the first place! I loved the invites you used so I went to their website and found those.