Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Venue Visit #2

So last Sunday, Mom, F and I went to visit another venue possibility (Venue Visit # 1, in case you missed it). It had potential, and all was going well until... Well, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

First view, remember that it is winter in the Northwest and all this will be much greener in the summer

You rent out the whole property and basically do whatever you want with it

This little house in the top left is where the girls get ready, it's called the hen house

More views of the grounds

Trying to get a picture of the big pond, the lady who owned it walked in the way

Then trying to get a second picture, F walked in the way... So I gave up

F trying out the bridge


Big open space, with the 'Salon' on the right hand side

Here's where I started thinking, maybe too country?

Ok, so then I tried to think positive again, how cute would picture be of people dancing in here with lights all around? (And picnic tables gone)

But here's where things get bad... Her face should have been a warning...

Look at my mom's face, it says it all. The inside of the salon was disastrous... Dirty, gross. It started pouring down rain while we were in there and it all leaked in and there were raccoon and owl pellets everywhere. Yuck.

Stuffed bear with a cowboy hat, stuffed bobcats in the corner, bear heads in the wall... I couldn't even picture our ideas being implemented in this space.


Ok, so I was thinking, well to rent the whole place would be cool, we could just keep the Salon closed. Then she said that it was going to be $1600 for a day. Alright... what does that include? Oh, just the property, nothing else? Oh, huh.

Mom and I talked, and this was more country rustic than we were looking for. F liked the fact that it had a bar, but I don't think he really understood how much work we would have to put into it. I think I would rather pay more and have things included (like linens, set up, and clear away at least).

Then I went out shopping and I came home and I mom had a huge list of places she wants us to check out. It makes me so happy to have her involved, I know that she doesn't want to be that pushy Momzilla, but I love that she is getting more involved. When I told her my vague ideas for the invites, she was like "Totally! We have so much time to make that happen!" And it's all thanks to a small community bridal show :D

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pickled_herring said...

Hahaha, that picture of your mom is PRICELESS!!!