Saturday, February 28, 2009

VistaPrint is having a huge sale on invites and other stationary! They have great party invites and some very tempting save the dates (STD's... hehehe, there are lots of funny acronyms in the wedding world) that I would use in a second! I'm pretty sure when we get around to make our STD's that I'll use VistaPrint. This sale I could get 100 STD's for 46.00 with all the info printed. And we could use a picture of ourselves that would be printed in color as well! Exciting! Now I just need to choose a date... F and I are supposed to be sitting down and doing some major decision making this weekend, I'll keep you all posted.

And just so this isn't a completely word filled post...

The snowman F and I made with the first snow of the year. We had some more last friday, but here's hoping that it was the last.

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