Monday, February 2, 2009

Non-floral centerpieces

Did anyone else watch the Superbowl? I didn't realize how much I actually really like to watch football (the American kind) until I went to England and couldn't. I'm disappointed that the Steelers won, I'm still mad about the Superbowl they stole from Seattle a couple of years ago.

Anywho, to continue with the theme of centerpieces, here are some non-floral centerpieces (they may include live things, but I avoided ones that are blatantly flowers...)

I LOVE the color of this one! This would be easy, cheap, and quite summery.

Snippet and Ink

I don't necessarily like the lamp or the fake looking leaves around it, but I think the idea of having a vintage piece at the center of the table is a really neat idea. And it would be easy I think.
The Knot

This couple named all the tables after favorite authors and used quotes from their books. As an English Lit major, this appeals to me big time.

I actually like this better, using books and wrapping with a colorful ribbon. This couple used books from their own personal library, so there was almost no cost!
Offbeat Bride

This bride made these using wood from her own backyard and made paper flowers to go with. Rustic, yet charming.
Once Wed

Lots of green plants in cool vintage holders. I am especially love those Hen and Chick plants. Could you have an entire planter full of them?
A Lovely Morning

Grass as a centerpiece. Beautiful color, easy to grow yourself. Easy peasy.
Style Me Pretty

Love love love fruit as a centerpiece! Fruit is so beautiful and rich in color, and can be quite inexpensive! Plus, then you can give it away or use it and it's not going quite as much to waste.

F actually really loved this idea, he loved the idea of planting and growing your own herbs. I think I would rather mix herbs in the buckets, just to give it more texture.
Snippet and Ink

To take it one step furhter, you can have a completely non-floral bouquet by ordering with Meghan who I found on Weddingbee Pro. I actually really love the look of the felt and the buttons (I just really love buttons), but I think I like the bouts better than the bouquets. Interesting though!
Princess Lasertron Weddingbeepro


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