Monday, February 2, 2009

New dresses make me happy

I've been meaning to blog about the two new dresses that I have acquired in the last month. Now seems like a good time because I was trying to decide between them because, for our anniversary, F arranged for us to go and get our pictures taken. We did them for our 2 year and loved them, then we did them again for our 3 year and I HATED them so we didn't go for 4. But we decided that 5 was a good year to try again. We had our appointment today and already have our pictures back. We decided just to go to a studio in the mall for ease and quick photos. Hopefully when we find our photographer we will be able to have an engagement session.

So here were the contenders!

F and I went to Kohls and got him two sweaters to work with these dresses. One was a black sweater with grey and red argyle. I thought I would pair it with this sweater dress from Target.


I swiped this dress from my mom's closet. I would have to say this is the only time I've ever seen a dress on a model and actually liked it better on myself. This dress is cute worn with leggings and without the long sleeve shirt underneath. And it's only $16.09 right now!

The second dress I got from Marshalls which is like TJ Maxx or Ross, has clothes from big stores that haven't sold and it was on sale for $12.00. It is a jersey type material. I don't have a picture of it and can't find the brand online, so I thought I would show examples:

(middle image is from Wagglepop, I can't find where the others are from)

Imagine the basic layout of the first image, combined with the front rouching of the middle dress, with the color of the last dress.

F got a black sweater with gray squares, on sale at Kohls for 9.99!

So which dress and sweater combo did we go with? I will upload them in the next post, you'll have to wait to see. I'm quite happy with how the pictures turned out. We had a lot of fun and the photographer told us we made her day (although it was only 11:00, so is that a compliment? haha)

For other pretties, I have a few adorable dresses I've found... most of which are on sale!

This one I found on, and it's on sale for only $12.49!!

This one I also found on and it also is only 12.49! AND it comes in brown, black, and yellow! Go check it out, it has a really sexy back.


This dress is 'on sale' at JCrew (Damn you JCrew and your beautiful, drool-worthy too rich for my blood dresses!). This one is SO cute!
This orange sherbet one is 129.99 (down from 250.00). I usually don't wear orange, or even really like it, but this is a major exception. This dress also comes in four other flavors, erm, colors.

I like this turqouise one too. This one is 89.00. I had to stop myself from save all the colors and putting them on here. Just promise me that you will go check them out. There is white, dark blue, and plum. I also really like the dark blue. And the plum. And the white could be used for a rehearsal dress, or even for the very fashion forward bride- a short wedding dress. So cute...

This one from Wet Seal is 32.99 and I love the lace of it!
Wet Seal

This dress is on and is a jersey dress that would be perfect for summer, and it's only $15.00 AND comes in 7 colors (6 solids and 1 print).
According to the website the dress comes in 'dark sea blue' (pictured above), 'cabot cove' (bright blue), 'kiwi kiss', 'bright coral', 'pink shag', 'black' and 'mixed floral' (white with tropical colored flowers).
Old Navy

I have to stop looking around, I'm itching for summer and summer clothes!

Next: Anniversary pictures are revealed!

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