Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Mom and I were talking about reception things and have decided that we may need to rethink the color scheme because (and this sounds ridiculously bride-zilla-y) the green paint of the reception space clashes with the green that we had chosen to be one of our main colors.

One option is that we don't change the color scheme, we just limit the amount that is in the reception space and use it a lot more outside. Problem with this is that I really don't want all chocolate linens because I think it will be too dark for a summer wedding. So I suggested using half chocolate tablecloths and half different patterned tablecloths that incorporate all the different colors.

My mom just cannot picture this, and thinks it will look odd.

I think it will look fantastic, refreshing, and fun.

A la these pictures:



Plus I think it will tone down the formality of having a summer Saturday night wedding.

Who is right? Who has more visual style, Mom or me?

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