Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New wedding time waster

Oh my gosh, this new program is awesome. I'm excited... It's called Springpad.

There is a Wedding Planner feature and it is so cool. And it's free! There is an invite manager, and you can upload contacts from facebook and from gmail that way you don't have to type all your contacts in individually. There's a task list which isn't ridiculous like The Knot list which has tons of miscellaneous crap on it. It's basic and you can add or subtract easily. You can set a 'complete by date'. There is a vendor category with suggested vendors that are in your area. There is an idea area where you can put all your ideas, and you can note stuff like the old Google notebook which doe not exist anymore. And there's a budget area.

Can you tell I'm pretty excited? I found all this just in the few minutes I've clicked around. It seems pretty easy too!

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