Friday, June 5, 2009

tids and bits

Only one week away from our Great Gatsby-themed engagement party! I am so fabulously excited!

In other news:

-Fiance is graduating in just a couple days with his Master's degree
-I finished a large chunk of my research, and I am ready to follow in his footsteps this August (it's official--I applied and set the date for my defense!)
-We both have solid leads on incredible jobs up here in the town we really do not want to leave
-It's been 90 degrees lately, and the other night we visited our venue and looked out at the boats and swooned for awhile (even though we won't have that weather for our wedding... at least I hope we don't because that would be bad news for the environment)
-Oh! We are pretty much committed to an invitation! The story:

I was shocked when Fiance enthusiastically pointed to an invitation example in one of my Jewish wedding books. The text reads (in Hebrew) "Ani l'dodi v'dodi li" which means "I am my beloved and my beloved is mine" (Song of Songs). I was like okay... um, I love this, but really? And we decided really. So the invitations are going to be really beautiful. I don't have the design ready to share yet, but the front has two pine trees in green against a purple background (our colors) and the text runs across the top. On the bottom is our date. Inside will be all of the details, which will be succint because I refuse to be one of those people who spends 80 hours on making the invitations. I am pursuing a career and I don't have time for that!

-I am furiously reading books on interfaith ceremonies because I just know we will end up having to write our own. There is wonderful stuff out there, but this process takes a lot of time. The ceremony is more important to us than the reception, so it will be the focus of quite a bit of effort.
-One more note on the invitations. We are having an informal lunch the day before we get married. It will be Mexican food. We met in Mexcio... so there is the connection. Guests who are invited to this will get a little insert with the info printed on the back of a Loteria card (el corazon to be exact). I thought of this and I am proud of myself for squeezing out just a little creativity!

Well, I am busy finishing school and learning copious amounts of civil rights law in preparation for my job this summer. Still, I feel very blessed that Fiance and I are still able to do things together (like kayaking and eating good food), and I am incredibly amazed at how much more I am able to fit into my days.

We'll see what happens from here! That's my life motto these days.


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Mandie said...

You are so on top of things!

I want to see pictures of your venue, is it the Squalicum Boathouse?