Friday, June 5, 2009

The top contender

I'm watching My Best Friend's Wedding and I was inspired to finish what I started... (Have I mention that I love bad TV and movies? I Confess.) Warning, lots of text and pictures... I got excited!

You may (or may not, I don't judge) have read in my last post that I have visited many a venue with an array of different people (F, ma, dad). One of the sites we visited last weekend quickly became our favorite. I'll show you pictures and explain why. Meet The Fairgate Inn.

These are pictures from their website:

The Inn from the front

At the end of the night

The ceremony site, a beautiful gazebo

Which can then turn into the dancing area!

Reception area all decked out (chairs not included, unfortunately)

The deal with this place is that it is an Inn that you rent out and everything is on site.

These are pictures of the 'conservatory' where receptions are held. I love the dark floors, the vaulted ceilings, the green walls (to go with our color scheme?).
My mother would die if she knew I was putting this up

F wore his most grown up outfit, Ghostbusters tee and plaid shorts. Silly.

Grand entrance!

Gorgeous chandeliers

Archway I will walk through with my Fajah (yes, this is a real word! From Urban Dictionary: How the dutch or one with a dutch accent say the word "Father. So there.) The wedding coordinator (Stacey) said that by summer this will be completely covered in flowers and greenery.

Tent the guests will sit under. Ma is not sure she likes this, but I think it's smart because it's bound to be ridiculously hot on a July evening). PLUS! Stacey said this can be turned into a space for dancing in the evening, it opens right off the reception area. And I can hang up lights or Chinese lanterns, or other beautiful things....

Ceremony gazebo, it will have seasonal flowers all over it

Other pictures of the site:

Things we love about it:
- Wedding planning included
- Lots of dates still available
- Only one wedding scheduled per weekend
- You rent out the rooms of the Inn and they provide the guests with a snack in the evening (and any remaining alcohol) and then a full breakfast in the morning.
- Just about everything is included: wedding coordinator, tables, linens, plates, utensils, bartenders, waitstaff, set-up, take-down, parking lot and attendants, Stacey said they even have vases and anything else that we may need to borrow (or as she put it, "after 9 years, we have stuff")
- They offer more time there on the day than any other place I've looked at
- I love being able to open it all up to our guests, but everyone still remains close
- Dancing outside under a tent? Gorgeous.
- Room for a kick-ass "kids" room. My little brother (who will be 17) and my little cousins (all in their teens) will probably get bored, so I'm thinking xbox, rockband, DDR, energy drinks etc etc

Things I don't like:
- The cost. It's a few thousand (!!) more than I wanted to spend. I know my parents would be more than willing to make up the difference, but I hate to ask them to do that. On the other hand, this is where we're planning on spending around 80% of our budget.
- The reception chairs. I know this is picky, but that it really all I don't like... and I'm think big ovesized white bows to detract from the red?

We came home and Mister F was enthused! I asked him, "this place really inspired you didn't it?" and he said that for the first time he was actually able to envision our wedding. I loved seeing him come up with ideas without prompting.

My mama has done a ton of research into venues, so we're going to visit a few more places just for comparison (I feel safe in doing this due to the amount of space left available). But, tentatively, I have a venue?

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august15bride said...

I think it is beautiful! And I agree - it is nice to have everything in one place!