Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shopping for others

It's a busy summer for me in terms of weddings. I attended a wedding last month, I'll be going to another in a couple of weeks, and I'll be buying a gift for my parents to take when they go to my cousins wedding in August. It's been an interesting look at the registry aspect of weddings. All three of the couples registered at both Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It seems to be a trend.

Looking through the registries got me thinking about where we are going to register and what we would register for. Personally, I think the idea of registering is kind of weird, I have always hated telling people that I want things (personal issue, obviously). Registries just seem kind of selfish to me, putting out for the world what you want them to buy for you. I know that it is so that people who love you can support you and the building of your home and life together. But it just makes me feel weird.

It makes me think about where we are going to register (because despite my weirdness about it, it's an expected part of the wedding that I'm not going to shirk... ) My mom suggested Macy's but I can't see myself asking people to spend for stuff from Macy's. I've considered Kohl's, but their merchandise changes so often. I have looked into those websites where people can contribute to your honeymoon, but they often charge people on top of what they are gifting). What does that leave us with? BB&B, Target. I'm also considering Amazon, but I don't want that to be the only registry because it will then require shipping costs.

Are there are places that people have registered? And how far out are couples 'expected' to register?


Rachel said...

I love the Amazon idea, just because a huge variety of items would be available in one place. Otherwise Target is a great option, along with Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I love Pottery Barn too, but it's kinda pricey.

a.m.t. said...

I can empathize completely with your feelings on the weirdness of regestries. However, the people (especially family members) attending the wedding expect and want to gift you with something that you'll remember them by. Even if it is just a cookie sheet! ;)

We are going with Target. It's universally accessible, cost-effective, and we know the quality of the products. For linens and towels, and china, however, we are using J.C. Penny.

I would advise against Kohl's. Each store varies so much, and you are right on about the merchandise.