Monday, July 6, 2009

on the cheap

Hi it's me, Anna. Once again, I am on the quest to save lots of money.
I met with a recently married couple who had their wedding at the Boathouse, just like we will. If you can chat with another couple who used your venue, do it. It's so worth it. You get the full *honest* report of what is actually realistic for that location. I feel so much better now.

A few things:

We are having a dessert, hors d'oeuvre, and wine reception so there is minimal cooking involved. I haven't picked out a caterer yet, but a bakery will most likely suffice (even for the finger food). However, for those that are wanting a full meal but can't afford the catering company, I really recommend this site.

I am also trying to DIY as many of our decorations as possible. However, I am not super crafty (nor do I have much time), so I am also trying to get things that will be easy to assemble. Enter in Efavormart, the best kept secret on the web. Really. So cheap and so easy.

I am starting to think about bridesmaids dresses (Mandie--we seem to be intersecting here). We are 8.5 months away from the wedding (OH MY GOD!!! OHMYGODOHMYGOD). In September, at the 6 month mark, I am going to formally invite my gals to be in the bridal party... (they all pretty much know that they are going to be involved). Because these wonderful women are just as busy as I am, I want to make their time participating in this project enjoyable. So, I am starting to shop around now. Here are two dresses from Nordstrom's that I really like:

Last but not least, we are boiling down to two decisions:
-We are most likely going to have a dear friend officiate our wedding.
-We are honeymooning either immediately in Mexico (Guadalajara) or a few months after the wedding in Portugal. Honeymoons are so exciting that they make me want to elope!

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Mandie said...

Where did you find efavormart? They have some seriously awesome deals!

I love this one:

A set of 3 cookie cutters, already packaged they are less than $1 a piece!