Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DIY complete!

This post is dedicated to Jessica, my post loyal reader ;) Love you

If you remember from my last post I showed you an ugly yellow candlestick. What did I manage to do with it? (Successfully I might add :) )

Dun dun duh... I give you, a cake stand!

Okay, it was really quite easy and there is no need for the dramatics I've been giving it, but it was one of my very first solid DIY projects and I love how it came out!

Step one: Wash plate and stand
Step two: Test it out and see roughly where you'd like to glue it.
Step three: Put a ring of glue on the bottom of plate
Because I had just washed the candlestick it left a small water ring when I put it on the plate to test where I wanted it, so I followed that with the glue. Note: The glue is called Weldbond, it's a strong glue meant for ceramics.

Step four: Place book or other object on top of candlestick to help it bond better.
Step five: Let sit.
Step six: Enjoy your handiwork
Me showing how bonded it is now.

It's hard to see in the pictures, but there is a faint ring of yellow around the edges of this plate.

Other things to note: I just went to Goodwill and bought plates and other things that might work for stands. This plate is a good dinner size, but small for a cake stand so I have been keeping my eyes open for other, larger plates. I also wasn't super exact about being perfectly in the middle of the bottom of the plate, but it worked out okay anyway.

Anyway, boring but I'm excited about them. I have a couple more plates and stands, but now that I know it's super easy to do, I'm going to put them aside for now, they are easier to store as they are now!

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Jess said...

That was exciting!