Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I love me some Ikea

So after my registry brainstorming, Ikea suddenly popped into my brain. "Do they do registries?!" because there is so much stuff I would get there. As soon as I got home from work (yes, I constantly have weddings on the mind) I checked. They don't do registries, but I did find lots of other good stuff! I think I will be heading there on Sunday to pick some of this stuff up :D

First, if I was doing a candy buffet as I had originally wanted, I would use these:
The Burken Jar. The largest size is $3.99 and will hold just over 4 pounds of candy. There are two smaller sizes (17oz for 1.99 and 37 for 2.99) if you want to mix up the sizes.

There is also the Slom jar
This one is 61 oz is 3.99 and will hold almost 4 pounds. There is a 68 oz for the same price, but, well, it has an oddly phallic shape...

Then I found these bottle openers:
The 'Charm bottle opener'. For 0.99 a piece, these could make awfully cute favors, and are much cuter than some other sketchy bottle openers I've seen.

These actually caught my eye in the weekly circular they sent out last week
The Tripp tins. These are 7.99 (for all 3) and the other set...
...is 2.99. I will have to admit that the first thing I thought was, how cute would these be as floral arrangement containers? But I'm sure they could be used for other things. I would use the green and yellow from both sets, but would probably find another use for the orange...

I also love these Marit placemats
And for 0.99 a piece these would be cute as pops of color under arrangements. But I think I will pick some of these up just for my own personal use right now. I love love love the green.

I have also been a little obsessed with cake stands lately and the idea of maybe creating my own. Then I found this plate, the Fargrik.
The largest of them is 3.99 and I was thinking I could use the matching bowl as a stand. Or something else, haven't figured that part out yet. Much cheaper than buying a jadeite cake stand.

Last but not least I found these Wilma curtains.
While they are sheer. But at $9.99 for a pack of two, these would make delightful table runners.

I have to come to the acceptance that the greens I'm going to use aren't necessarily going to match. But that's okay, but I love lots of shades of green. I found most of these things by going to the Ikea website and searching for 'green'. They also have some adorable fabrics and other things. The placemats, curtains, and plate all come in other colors which is why I included their names. If you want to check them out, just search the name on the website.

Anyone else wish that Ikea had a registry option? Or does anyone else want to run to the store and check out what they have, right now-ish?

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