Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It is true love

And I'm not just talking about that love between Fi and I (although more on that later). No, I am in love with a beautiful, wonderful, lovely thing... a little print... called damask ::sigh:: (Hence the blog facelift).

Isn't it lovely?

I wore a dress that was black and white, with a teal scarf as an accent and I fell in love with the combination. As soon as we became engaged I immediately knew what colors I wanted to use, but now I'm starting to question those colors. Are they right? Will they work with what we want? Will Fi like them or not? Since my Fi has little to no experience in connection to weddings at all, he became overwhelmed at the very prospect of choosing colors (poor boy, he will have to take baby steps to the wedding, luckily it's a long engagement). So after we had a discussion today in which I realized I need to remember he has no knowledge of weddings and need to help him more, and him needing to communicate when he doesn't know something or has questions... I love my Fi! So, I am going to put some ideas of things together (oh darn, I have to put together some wedding inspiration boards, darn) and send them to him. And then I will probably put them on here :D

In other news of things I love, today while I was searching around for ideas for the board, i came across these beauties.
From Target 24.99
From Wet Seal 22.50

Both these stores (and Old Navy too) had some great deals on shoes! Some at Old Nacy were less than $10! Yum, I love shoes. The mustard yellow is due to all the black, white and yellow I've seen around the blogs the last couple of days. Love it! But I don't think I could ever convince FI to use yellow... maybe I'll just slip it in and see if he notices :D

Last but not least,

I've been getting into a lot of craft blogs while researching for wedding ideas, and there are a lot of things that could be used for both. This is a really cool idea that would make cheap and interesting centerpiece candle holders. I love DIY stuff!

That's all for now, I hope we meet again soon blogger.com, I'll try not to let my reading interfere with our time together.

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