Monday, September 1, 2008

...something old

With a little bit of time to finally sit down and think things through, the Fiance and I created the first draft of both our guest list and the budget. Oy vey... weddings are stressful. I am trying so stay optimistic, but three things are plaguing my mind right now.

1. How can we cut back this guest list? It's at 130. I know... not bad, right? But our budget is much better suited for 75-100. Besides, if we have the reception at the Victorian house, we will not have the space for more than 80. 85, maybe.

2. Where are we having the ceremony? I love this boathouse on the Bellingham Bay, but, once again, not enough space for 130.

3. Why can't I find a wedding dress? The sick irony is that back when I first got engaged, I tried on two... TWO... dresses that fit me so well and were both under $200.00. I should just go back and try and find them this time around (it was the David's Bridal sale, and it's happening again).

Researching composting options after contemplating how much food waste I threw in the trash last year, I started thinking about recycling and my wedding. Why does everything have to be new and expensive? Well, it doesn't have to be. There is so much out there that is creatively salvaged or reused. Perhaps in my quest to shrink costs I can also diminish my carbon footprint.

What happens to wedding dresses? Really expensive ones, even? They get worn. One time.

And then they are put back away into the closet for good.

Here's where my obsession with a bargain comes into play. This little number, a silk organza Priscilla of Boston gown which was originally $3,000.00, is now $300. It was worn for five hours. She's throwing in her shoes for free:

This 2 Be gown, my personal favorite after this scavenger hunt, still has its tags. My size, and $350 (but this could be haggled down):

While many questions remain, I truly hope that I will find something to begin the foundation with. I realized today, first day of September, that autumn creeping up on us. That means one year--and really, with grad school, research, work, life... that's a very short time. Eeeeeep!


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