Thursday, July 31, 2008

a fall wedding in the northwest...

I did not anticipate that merely three weeks after my engagement I would be peppered with so many questions, overwhelmed with so many ideas and experiencing the ups and downs of what I affectionately call the great messy catharsis. What have I accomplished? Snippets. Trying on wedding dresses, making an invitation sample (thank you, DIY Bride), picking colors, brainstorming ideas as to how I can meld my Jewish heritage together with my fiance's Lutheran background... After constantly grumbling around when asked, I have finally picked the date--Saturday, October 10th, 2009.

A fall wedding. Fall is the season of changing, warm colors--perhaps this will even be early enough to avoid onslaught of torrential rains that this region is so well-known for. We live in Bellingham; we are both completing Masters in Education programs (that in itself could be an entry) at the local university. Here's where I must interject--the University is our place, if you will; our orientation and identity throughout our relationship. While I am not planning to hold the wedding at the University (although it is a very beautiful campus with a lot of potential), I am hoping to hold it at a former professor and wonderful mentor's house (a generously-sized Victorian on the ocean).

Though I have a tendency to be fickle at times, there are some values that I am positively adamant about.
-Cost efficiency

I hope that these pillars will serve as my internal allies as I begin the plunge into what I very well know will be a non-stop year.

Now, for a taste of what I am thinking:


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